Why iPhone projects
"A picture is a fragment of the life that surrounds us".
We have to be quick to see this snippet, we should not miss the moment.
With this portfolio I'm trying to show that the fragment - the photography - doesn't have to be achieved with expensive photographic equipment.
From a few years we can use a so called smartphone, an accessory that all of us have in our pockets or bags.
Year after year the file quality grows and become time after time better and better.
After my project “One year...366 images - 2012 iPhone daily snapshots” I'm still going forward to explore this new photographic way that doesn't replace the more traditional one, but supports and complements.
All the images on this Web portfolio are made using an Apple iPhone and the apps 645Pro (getting just Tiff files) and Hipstamatic. All files are optimized with an Apple iPad and the apps Adobe Lightroom Mobile, Photoshop Fix, Photoshop Mix and Snapseed.
You can also look at my portfolio photo Web site - www.lucacattaneo.net/photo - where you will find more images.
All images are Copyright © Luca Cattaneo.
Luca Cattaneo